Customize automated or sponsored content emails to your Emma audience.

Here’s how its works

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We’ll work with you to develop an email layout tailored to your needs so that we can customize kurate to make your process more efficient, increase ad revenue through self hosted or server side ads, create sponsored content, and deliver better emails to your subscribers.

We kustomize kurate for you

After making a plan, we install, customize and test kurate on your WordPress site.

You can customize:

  • Custom Post Types (News, Articles, Events, Categories, etc)
  • Woo Commerce
  • Sponsored Content
  • Adds
  • Email Automation emails

Deliver custom emails to your subscribers

Once kurate is setup and customized to fit your needs, you’ll be sending beautiful kurated emails to your subscribers straight from your WordPress Dashboard.

Ready to customize automated or sponsored content emails to your Emma audience?

Let us show you how!